Chateau de la Baume


                   Philippe Gaillard                                  François Gilbert 

Philippe Gaillard 和 François Gilbert 是記者、品試和評論家。創立品牌的 Philippe Gaillard 和 François Gilbert 一直出版一本英文雜誌,在五大洲發售。他們在世界各地數之不盡的旅程,讓他們明白了在所有緯度上的所有形式葡萄種植,包括在南非、加州、意大利、西班牙、葡萄牙等……

憑這 25 年來的經驗及在世界各地的品試,他們選擇了把自己的專業放到朗格多克 Chateau Gilbert & Gaillard 的特別風土中,他們這 25 年的工作就是幫助特別風土的酒在世界舞台中發熱發亮,他們盡力希望酒莊的酒能展現當地獨特的風土。

François Gilbert 是地理博士和教授,並一早主力研究風土,他全力投身葡萄酒工作前,曾任教師 15 年。他自 1989 年開始掌管 Gilbert & Gaillard 集團。Philippe Gaillard 生於 Touraine 一個釀酒師家庭,他曾任一法國葡萄酒發行集團的營運總監。他自 1989 年開始掌管 Gilbert & Gaillard 集團。

Philippe Gaillard and François Gilbert are reporters, tasters and critics. Brand creators Gilbert & Gaillard have been publishing a magazine in English which is sold on five continents. Their countless trips around the world have allowed them to understand the viticulture in all its forms and at all latitudes: South Africa, California, Italy, Spain, Portugal.

With these 25 years of experience and tasting acquired worldwide, they have chosen to put their expertise at the service of an exceptional vineyard in Languedoc, Chateau Gilbert & Gaillard. Their job for 25 years is to help the terroir wines to grow in international markets. Their willingness to Chateau Gilbert & Gaillard is to let this fabulous terroir express itself.

François Gilbert is an Associate and PhD in geography, he specialised early on in the study of terroirs. He was a teacher for 15 years before devoting himself full time to his passion for wine. He directs the Gilbert & Gaillard group since 1989.

Philippe Gaillard was born in Touraine in a family of winemakers, he has been a commercial director of a large group of French wine distribution. He directs the Gilbert & Gaillard group since 1989.