Chateau De Lugey (by Franck Labeyrie)

« This is not only an original concept, it is also a special taste »
Franck Labeyrie

在過去10年間,Franck Labeyrie在其50平方米的深海酒窖中不斷釀造葡萄酒。在與蠔農聊到深海養殖的優勢期間,他想到引進這技術到葡萄酒的熟成。成為在Arcachon灣養蠔區唯一一家擁有特許權的釀酒師。在每年1月,當水溫夠冰冷時,把15,000瓶酒封存在箱里並沉放到水中。酒瓶套在蠔袋當中,以減低潮汐造成的破壞。箱子從Arcachon港乘船到達熟成地點,白酒沉沒10米深處熟成6個月而紅酒則熟成12個月。
In the last 10 years, Franck Labeyrie has been aging bottles in his 50sqm deep sea cellar. While chatting with an oyster farmer about the advantages of deep sea farming, the idea of using these techniques for wine maturation grew in his mind. He is the only winemaker owning a concession in an oyster farming area of the Arcachon bay. Every year in January, when the water temperature is cold enough, he sinks 15,000 bottles laying horizontally in closed boxes. The bottles are sleeved in oyster bags in order to limit the damages caused by the tides. The boxes are brought to their maturation place by boat from the port of Arcachon and sunk 10 meters deep during 6 months for the white wines and 12 months for the red wines.
During their stay under water, the bottles will be assimilated by the natural environment. Their storage and the oyster bags help the development of aquatic flora and fauna. Various types of shells and fish use the spaces between the bottles to develop, sheltered from predators.
When the bottles are craned out of the water, they are covered with sea concretions and shells. Each bottle has its own story to tell.
Beyond the aesthetics on the bottles the ocean remains an ideal natural preservation area with constant temperature, perfect hygrometry, low light and almost no oxygen.
The legitimate fear for smell inside the bottle has been dissipated by 10 years of testing and experience during which no olfactory pollution of the product has been seen.
On the opposite, the tasting of the white wine shows a toasted sea salt smell.
The red wine shows an interesting early harmonized taste.

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