Clos de Trias - Côtes du Ventoux, France

大家可能從 Even Bakke 的姓氏中猜到,他擁有挪威血統,但他在美國出生及長大。他於加州開始葡萄酒工作,並於 Napa 及 Sonoma Valley 的 Landmark Vineyards 及 Matanzas Creek 等酒莊工作了十四年。

迎娶了來自法國的香檳葡萄種植者女兒 Marie Caroline (上圖) 後,他便決定和家人在法國安定下來。在搜尋適合的風土後,他們於 Le Barroux 購入一個 25 公頃的土地。21 公頃正在製作,而5公頃則是租賃的。2007 年是他的第一個年分酒。
自 2012 年起,他的葡萄園是認證有機耕作,同時也部分採用生物動力耕作。

Even Bakke has Norwegean roots as his name indicates, but he is born and grown in USA. He started in wine business in California where he worked in wineries for 14 years in Napa and Sonoma Vally, Landmark Vineyards and Matanzas Creek.
After marrying a French girl, Marie Caroline, the daughter of a winegrower in Champagne, the family decided to settle down in France. After some searching for the right terroir, they bought a domain of 25 ha. in Le Barroux. 21 ha are in production now and furthermore 5 ha which are rented. 2007 was his first vintage at the place.
The vineyards are certified agriculture biologique since 2012 and use some elements of agriculture biodynamique.