Domaine la Milliere - Chateauneuf-Du-Pape, France

Michel Arnaud 自小已選擇了自己喜歡的遊戲,就是在十分年幼的年紀在他的葡萄園流連,明白每塊土地的特點,又對釀酒產生濃厚興趣,並希望以葡萄種植者-釀酒師為職業。

當他取得葡萄樹和葡萄酒文憑,和花了數年與父親及祖父工作後,Michel 於 1983 年接手了 La Milliere,令他成為 Arnaud 的第五代葡萄種植者-釀酒師。其後,憑他天賦條件,Michel 成功把從父親及祖父學到手的知識應用出來。Michel 的下手接班人,Vincent 是剛加入酒莊的家族第 6 代接班人,他會繼續把這個優質的家族歷史,也是酒莊的核心價值延續下去。

Choosing the vines and his terroir over children’s games of his age, Michel Arnaud came very young to tending the vineyards and crafting wine. His favourite free time activity was to roam his terroir, getting to know and understand each separate plot. The alchemy between Michel and his wine-lands came about very quickly. For him, his vocation was laid out: he would be a vinegrower-winemaker.

Once he had passed his vine and wine diploma, and after having spent a number of years working with his father and grandfather, Michel took over La Millière in 1983, making him the 5th generation of Arnaud vinegrower-winemakers.

Since then, and in the name of the passion for wine that is his inheritance, Michel has continued to exactingly apply the knowledge handed down to him by his parents and grandparents. In his footsteps comes Vincent, his elder son, who has just joined the estate. He continues the family history that has been at the heart of La Millière for many decades into the 6th generation.