Rafael Palacios - Valdeorras, Galicia, Spain

Rafael Palacios 生於 Palacios Redondo 家族,他在九兄弟姊妹排行最小。他曾於波爾多讀書,並於澳洲 Southcorp 及 Rioja 的家族酒莊工作過。1994 年,他在家族酒莊中釀製了他第一瓶白酒,而在 1997 年他的第一瓶 Rioja 白酒 Placet 誕生,2000 年他的父親逝世,而在 2004 年他決定搬到 Valdeorras。

他於 1996 年發現 Godello,當時人人都以為 Galicia 天氣潮濕寒冷,但在 5 個產區的其中 4 個卻是受地中海氣候影響,尤其在夏季。自 2004 年開始,他在 Val do Bibei 購入/租借了 21 公頃葡萄園分成 26 個小區域,並全種植 Godello。


Rafael Palacios is from the Palacios Redondo family, and is the youngest of 9 brothers and sisters. Rafael worked in the family winery in Rioja, studied in Bordeaux, and then went and worked in Australia with Southcorp, before returning to Rioja. He started first by making white wines in the family winery (Palacios Remondo) after his studies in France and Australia, in 1994. In 1997 the Rioja white wine Placet was born, and in 2000 his father passed away. In 2004 he decided to move to Valdeorras.

Godello is a grape variety he discovered in 1996, by that time everyone thinks of Galicia as humid and cold. But of the 5 appellations, 4 have a Mediterranean influence in the summer. Since 2004 he purchased/rented 21 hectares of vineyards in the Val do Bibei, consisting of 26 separate parcels, all planted with Godello. 

Rafael prefers cylindrical/conical to oval foudres because the lees aren’t so deep, he  believes in oak and by means of controlling of oxygen through the oak, more clean and fresh wines can be made.