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一想起食生蠔, 很多人可能想起用Sancerre, 或Muscadet去配搭, 但有款極少人知的隱世葡萄可能你未試過, 這款葡萄在南法朗格多克區(Languedoc, 即臨近地中海沿岸)非常受歡迎, 是當地人視和生蠔絕配的品種, 甚至搭配其他貝類海鮮也堪稱一絕, 這款名叫Picpoul 或 Piquepoul的葡萄品種在香港酒界也不常見, 這品種早在1618年被發現, 個性鮮明活潑, 味道帶柚子, 李, 杏子和礦物感.

我們一直找尋不同品酒樂趣同時引入這款特色品種, 希望可以帶給一眾愛酒之人一些新體驗和樂趣, 今期給一眾酒友的喜訊是我們會將這款酒特別做推廣價, 希望多些人可以用輕鬆心情享用!

(最佳享用溫度為: 8-10°C)

There is an old adage saying “what grows together goes together”, it is particularly true when pairing oysters with grapes that grew near it. The region of Picpoul de Pinet AOC is located near the city of Montpellier against the Mediterranean sea, it is here the Picpoul grapes deliver the most refreshing and bright white wines you can experience. Some vineyards of Picpoul de Pinet border oyster beds where the sea breeze gives a sense of salt in the air. Apparently, this sea taste literally goes into the bottle that make for a stunning combination of the two.

(Ideal serving temperature: 8-10°C (46-50°F))