Bergerie de l'Hortus Rosé 2017 / 2018



這是美妙混合了來自Domaine de L'Hortus年輕葡萄園,包括經典Grenache, Syrah和Mourvedre葡萄品種以展現其獨特的個性。

此系列有紅酒、玫瑰紅酒和白酒。紅葡萄於山麓下,而白葡萄則於山谷底,兩者都沒有像於山坡上生長的葡萄暴露於太多天氣元素下。總括來說,這些葡萄都較用作Domaine de l ’ Hortus的成熟。用作紅酒和玫瑰紅酒的葡萄都在較淺的位置生長,接近源石中的石灰岩元素,所以它們對乾旱較敏感。陳年過程需要於酒窖的仔細照顧,而浸漬和陳年則需較少時間。

Pic St. Loup, Languedoc



Grenache, Syrah



來自Pic St. Loup, Languedoc,接近南隆河谷,直接壓榨。味道帶有南法rosé的經典味道,亦有如士多啤梨,新鮮紅莓及花香的感覺。明亮而隱約有濃厚感。絕對是南法rosé迷的最愛。

This is a wonderful blend of young vineyards from Domaine de L'Hortus, including classic Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre grape varieties to show their unique personality.
Wines from the great Terroir of Pic St Loup. This range comes in three colours : red, rosé and white. The red grapes grow in land parcels low in the foothills, whilst the whites grow at the bottom of the valley. In both cases the plants are less exposed to the elements than those that grow on the higher slopes. Overall, the grapes mature later than those destined for the Domaine de l’Hortus range. The red and rosé vines grow in shallower scree with limestone elements closer to the source rock. They are, therefore, more sensitive to drought. The maturing process requires great care in the cellars, with relatively short periods macerating and maturing.

Country of Origin:
Pic St. Loup, Languedoc

Rosé (Still)

Terroir :
land parcels low in foothills. Brown soil formed from limestone scree dating from the Cretaceous period. Hill slopes varying from 10 to 30% at altitudes from 150 – 200 metres. Grapes ripen especially late.

Grape varieties :
Grenache, Syrah.

Vinification :
Direct pressure. Clarification in cool. Fermentation of 3 to 4 weeks.

Maturing :
4 months in vats. Bottled towards the end of winter.

Tasting Notes:
From Pic St. Loup, Languedoc, direct press. Offers up classic, yummy Southern French rosé pleasures of strawberries, fresh red berries and spring flowers. Bright and zippy with underlying richness. A slam-dunk for Southern French rosé lovers.

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