Castell d'Encús Ekam (God's Unity) 2014 (RP:93) / 2017 (RP:93) / 2018 (RP:91)




於Costers del Segre的Pyrenees分區,Raul Bobet於海拔1,000米的Talarn村釀造驚為天人的葡萄酒。產品皆以梵文或以葡萄生長的地方命名。時至今日,大部分酒都於12世紀的石窖中發酵, 當大家看見它時便會相信,過程並不是最重要,最重要的是非常出色的結果,因為這是近來最令人振奮的西班牙酒。而Raul Bobet也是有份負責Ferrer Bobet酒莊的人,在那裡他與葡萄酒發燒友Sergi Ferrer-Salat合作。



Riesling, Albariño

原生酵母,於 25 hL的小桶以低溫發酵。

2017年 (Robert Parker's rating: 93 points)

2014年 (Robert Parker's rating: 93 points)
香氣清新,精確,輪廓分明,具有極高清晰度,非常微妙和低調,味道十分年輕但含蓄。 口感精緻,具穿透力的酸度並帶辛辣感,尾段非常美味並保持礦物感。 由於其酸度,並不會注意到它的甜度

2013年 (Robert Parker's rating: 93 points)
帶有青檸、白花、底層有礦物的香氣,味道十分年輕簡樸但具穿透力的酸度令人想起Mosel內Ruwer Valley藍石板的複雜優雅,Raul Bobet說這年份為他一次重大突破,因他十分敬重和欣賞德國Riesling那酸與甜的平衡能經得起陳年考驗,如他能把Costers del Segre這片海拔過千米高的風土放進瓶內陳年,那會是多麼令人振奮的事! 
2013年的複雜性十分高Raul Bobet用了葡萄園稍微晚收的Riesling葡萄精準地平衡了甘甜度和新鮮酸度,美妙的酸度能把味覺和礦物感提升,給予清新、新鮮的感覺,而晚收的葡萄能令她陳年更久,Raul Bobet毫不猶豫地說:"不信可二,三十年後開瓶看看便知道他說的是對的!

Raul Bobet’s groundbreaking wines from the Pyrenees subzone of the Costers del Segre appellation, are produced in the village of Talarn at 1,000 meters altitude. The wines are named with Sanskrit words or after the places where grapes are grown. Nowadays most of the wines are fermented in the 12th century stone lagares from the property. It has to be seen to be believed. However, the process is not the most important thing, what is really important is that the results are superb. These are some of the most exciting new wines throughout Spain. And Bobet, the ex-Torres enquiring mind, is also responsible for the breathtaking Priorats from the Ferrer-Bobet winery, his joint venture with entrepreneur and wine lover Sergi Ferrer-Salat.

Country of Origin:

White/Blanc (Still)

Grape Varieties:
Riesling, Albariño

Indigenous yeasts, fermented in small tubs of 25 Hl at low temperature.

Tasting Notes:
2017 Vintage (Robert Parker's rating: 93 points)
It felt so young and tender that it felt almost a sin to drink something like that. It's very balanced, clean, pure, transparent and harmonious. The palate is delicate but has inner power and strength, with focused, clean and chiseled flavors. Brilliant.

2014 Vintage (Robert Parker's rating: 93 points)
The nose is fresh, precise, chiseled with laser-like sharpness, very subtle and whispering, incredibly young and insinuating. The palate shows similar precision, with sharp acidity and pungent flavors, ending very tasty and dry. You don't notice any sugar in these whites, because of the very high acidity.

2013 Vintage (Robert Parker's rating: 93 points):
Aromas of lime, white flowers and a subdued minerality. The palate feels very young with plenty of baby fat to be burned in bottle, but precise and fresh, with the acidity lifting the finish and leaving a clean, fresh sensation in the palate.

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