Champagne Tarlant BAM! Brut Nature


Dosage: 0g/L - Brut Nature
Harvest: September 2009 + Perpetual Reserve

Pierre Tarlant於Marne Valley種植葡萄樹,而Tarlan家族就於1687年開始釀酒。1928年,Louis Adrien Tarlant生產了第一支家族香檳,其後他們便於Oeuilly村出產香檳,延綿四代。時至今日,他們的村在Benoît Tarlant手中,並於1999年開始產酒。

Marne Valley土壤多元化,令Tarlant的酒擁有複雜風土,由於鄰近Marne River,加Tarlant仔細運用木桶,令他們的香檳豐腴,味道濃郁。因為沒有經過乳酸發酵,而且dosage份量低至6克,甚至是零,所以香檳結構紮實。

BAM! 計劃是Benoît And Mélanie的縮寫,Mélanie就是主力宣傳和市場推廣。BAM!也代表 Pinot Blanc、Arbanne和Petit Meslier,此酒由2007和2008兩年的葡萄收成混合,並於2014年2月11日disgorge,只出產了1,100支。



25% Pinot Blanc, 25% Arbanne, 50% Petit Meslier




The Tarlant family traces their winegrowing history back to 1687, when Pierre Tarlant first cultivated grapevines in the Marne Valley. In 1928, Louis Adrien Tarlant produced the family’s first estate-bottled champagne, and since then there have been four successive generations of Tarlants producing wine at their estate in the village of Oeuilly. Today the estate is in the hands of Benoît Tarlant, who has been making wine here since 1999.

The diversity of soils in this area of the Marne Valley results in a complex signature of terroir that is strongly reflected in Tarlant’s wines. These are ample, full-flavored champagnes, influenced by their close proximity to the Marne River, as well as by Tarlant’s sophisticated use of oak for vinification. They are always impeccably structured thanks to the lack of malolactic, and they are dosed very low, below six grams or down to zero.

The ‘BAM!’ project as some call it, is named after both Benoît And Mélanie (BAM), his sister who works on the communication and marketing side of the estate.  It also stands for Pinot Blanc, Arbanne and Petit Meslier.

This Tarlant BAM Brut Nature is released from harvests of 2007 and 2008, and degorged in 11th Feburary 2014. Only 1100 bottles produced.


Country of Origin:


Grape Varieties:
25% Pinot Blanc, 25% Arbanne, 50% Petit Meslier


Tasting Notes:
Bright golden colour, vibrant beads. Fresh aromas of bread, biscuits and minerality. Silky smooth texture, strong citric acid like lime, yellow lemon and citrus, with toffee notes from oak barrel ageing. Its freshness boosts appetite and it is a fantastic choice for aperitif.

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