Château Coutet 2009


Château Coutet 葡萄樹深層次的根部,把風土的元素帶到葡萄之中,既豐富又有力量。因此酒莊名字 Coutet 是取自 Gascon 詞語「刀刃」,以表達葡萄酒的新鮮、有活力和清脆風格。當它年輕時,以白花、柑橘、蜜糖和雲呢拿為主,當時間向前時,較溫暖的香料配合熱帶花蜜和糖化的水果,例如薑餅、果醬等。陳年也會加強其烘烤貴腐菌性格,還有獨特的香氣,給予此酒無可媲美的優雅。

波爾多 Premier Grand Cru Classé, AOC Barsac


75% Sémillon, 23% Sauvignon Blanc, 2% Muscadelle

100% 木桶發酵,100% 法國橡木桶

於新法國木桶陳年 18 個月


The Château Coutet vines' deep roots extract elements from its terroir to give the grapes freshness, richness and strength. For this reason the estate carries the name "Coutet,” derived from the Gascon's word for knife, to signify the fresh, lively and crisp palate that is the wine's signature style. In its youth, the wines display generous notes of white flowers, citrus fruits, honey and vanilla. Ginger and pineapple are very typical aromas in a young Château Coutet. Time brings out deeper, warmer notes in which spices combine with exotic nectars and candied fruits, such as gingerbread mingled with marmalade. Age also enhances the harmony of its roasted Botrytis character and its distinct aromas to give Château Coutet a delicate and unique bouquet that is unsurpassed.

Premier Grand Cru Classé, AOC Barsac, Bordeaux

Country of Origin:
Bordeaux, France

Grape varieties:     
75% Sémillon, 23% Sauvignon Blanc, 2% Muscadelle

100% barrel fermented, 100% new French oak

18 month in new French oak barrels

Tasting notes:
A deep golden color, the vintage's first aromatic sensation impresses one by its richness, mixing the typical notes of a beautiful botrytisation (citrus, exotic and candied fruits, as well as hints of honey) with more delicate, slightly spicy, subtle and elegant touches. On the palate, a great complexity springs up, blending volume and roundness with notes of candied fruits, plum brandy, cherry plum liquor, as well as more classic notes typical of the ageing process such as well-integrated vanilla, caramel, toffee, but also mild spices and white pepper. The finish is expressive, powerful, warm, and quite long, giving back a very pleasant freshness thanks to notes of candied orange zests.

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