Chateau Gigault Cuvee Viva 2005


酒莊於 1998 年創立,擁有者Christophe Reboul Salze 於他女兒於同年離世而命名此酒為 Cuvee Viva。酒莊位於 Gironde 河左岸,穿過 Haut Medoc,就是 Premieres Cote de Blaye 產區, 此酒莊是 Reboul Salze 於波爾多購買的第二個物業。

波爾多 Premieres Cotes de Blaye


Merlot, Cabernet Franc

全顆粒發酵,釀造於小混凝土缸或不同大小的不鏽鋼缸進行。按不同批次葡萄有不同處理,令發酵更準確,發酵缸由 35 hL 至 114 hL。蘋果酸 - 乳酸二次發酵於橡木桶和混凝土缸。雖然葡萄園有 10% Cabernet Franc,但 Cuvee Viva 常有近 100% Merlot。

40% 新桶,平均 14 個月



Chateau Gigualt was created in 1998. The owner, Christophe Reboul Salze, named Cuvee Viva from Chateau Gigault, after his late daughter who passed away that same year in 1998. Located on the left bank of the Gironde River, directly across from Haut-Medoc, is the Premieres Cote de Blaye appellation, Chateau Gigault Cuvee Viva was the second purchase of a Bordeaux chateau for Reboul Salze.

Premieres Cotes de Blaye, Bordeaux

Country of Origin:
Bordeaux, France

Grape Varieties:
Merlot, Cabernet Franc

To produce the wine of Gigault Cuvee Viva, the grapes are whole berry fermented. Vinification takes place in a combination of small, cement vats and stainless steel tanks that vary in size. To allow for precise vinification on a parcel by parcel basis, the vats range in size from as small as 35 hectoliters to as large as 114 hectoliters. Malolactic fermentation takes place in a combination of oak barrels and vat. Even though the vineyard includes 10% Cabernet Franc, Gigault Cuvee Viva is often close to 100% Merlot in the blend.

In 40% new, French oak barrels for an average of 14 months.

Tasting Notes:
Has a notable density and richness of colour and aroma.  Lots of glossy black fruit and spice on the nose.  The palate shows sweet, ripe fruit and supple, velvet tannins.  Despite the weight the wine has admirable density and precision.

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