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在1823年,Esquissaud家族購下了Château Faugères酒莊和Péby Faugères酒莊的土地。Pierre-Bernard Guisez則在1987年繼承了地產:當時所有葡萄酒都賣給葡萄酒市場唯一的一個酒商。Guisez與妻子Corinne一起投入到他們自己的葡萄種植生涯中,很快他們的努力得到回報,在Michel Rolland的競賽中獲得了兩個聖艾美隆特級(Saint-Emilion Grand Cru)酒的花冠。
自2000年起,Faugères酒莊和Péby Faugères酒莊的葡萄酒在所有一等列級名酒中脫穎而出。Robert Parker 認為,Péby Faugères酒莊葡萄酒是“24款波爾多最好的葡萄酒”之一,屬於“未來的傳奇”。在2005年3月,Silvio Denz購買下了酒莊。他是香水調劑師、葡萄酒愛好者、萊儷 (Lalique) 品牌所有者,也是瑞士(蘇黎世)兩家葡萄酒批發商行的所有人,其中包括«Les Grands Vins Wermuth S.A.»(Wermuth S.A優質葡萄酒)。Château Péby Faugères 酒莊於2012年獲列入列級酒莊,而Silvio Denz熱愛藝術,尤其是對勒內•萊儷(René Lalique)的創作, 他購買了Péby Faugères酒莊,並決定依靠這些石灰質土地的特性,通過增強對品質的研究力度和促進Péby Faugères酒莊絕佳土地的表現力,將Péby Faugères酒莊的葡萄酒提升到最高水準。

波爾多 AOC Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classe



100% Merlot


與酒渣陳年18個月, 100%全新法國橡木桶。 

很多人覺得這是一瓶有現代感覺,強勁的酒。深紫色,花香並帶著藍莓利口酒和黑覆盆子、雲呢拿,微弱的煙燻和木桶味。飽滿酒體,可以有二十年壽命,在未來五至六年都適宜飲用。    - 97 分, Robert Parker , Wine Advocate

In 1823, the Esquissaud family acquired the estates of Châteaux Faugères and Péby Faugères. The land was inherited by Pierre-Bernard Guisez in 1987. Up to then, all the wine produced had been sold to a single local merchant. P. Guisez and his wife Corinne wanted to become more involved in the vineyards, setting out on a quest for the finest quality. Their wish was to see these exquisite terroirs become jewels in the crown of the Saint-Emilion Grand Cru appellation, a desire that was to be fulfilled in a short time with the help of Michel Rolland.
From the 2000 vintage onwards, the Château Faugères and Château Péby Faugères wines have taken a place of distinction among the very best. Robert Parker described the Péby Faugères as one of the "24 best Bordeaux wines" and "legend of the future". In March 2005, the property was acquired by Silvio Denz - a perfume designer, lover of fine wines, owner of Lalique and of two wine merchants in Zurich, as well as Switzerland's largest wine auctioneers, Les grands Vins Wermuth S.A.'

AOC Saint Emilion Grand Cru Classe, Bordeaux

Country of Origin:
Bordeaux, France

Red/Rouge (Still)

Grape variety:
100% Merlot


Partly in full barrel-vinification and partly in wooden conical vats, cold prefermentary maceration, crushing, no filtration, slow vatting over a period of three weeks, malolactic fermentations in barrels.

100% in new French oak barrels on fine sediment for 18 months. 

Average production:
12,000 bottles (first wine)

Tasting Notes:
A very limited production cuvee, the 2010 Peby Faugeres is sold in a specially designed bottle from Silvio Denz, who also owns Lalique Crystal. It comes from the oldest portion of the Faugeres vineyard, which is actually more of a completely separate entity under Denz than it was under the previous owners. The 2010 is 100% Merlot and again 15% natural alcohol. The vines were cropped at 20 hectoliters per hectare, but harvested about a week before the harvest finished for the main Faugeres vineyard. Most observers would tend to look at this wine as a modern style, massive, intense St.-Emilion, with an opaque purple color, a floral nose shaded by notes of blueberry liqueur intermixed with black raspberries, vanillin, subtle smoke and barrique smells. It is full-bodied and built for two decades of longevity, but should be reasonably drinkable in 5- 6 years because of the 100% Merlot content. This is a thrilling wine, as it has been in nearly every vintage where it has been produced.       - 97 Points, Robert Parker , Wine Advocate

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