Chateau Tanunda Old Cooperage Shiraz Mataro 2010


Château Tanunda 是於 1890 年創立的酒莊,也是澳洲酒業的傳統標誌。酒莊的宏偉建築、令人歎為觀止的花園和葡萄園,都由 Geber 家族擁有,並延續超過一個世紀的優質釀酒工藝。

The Old Cooperage 標誌住 Château Tanunda 和 A.P. John Coopers 的合作,John 家族於 1889 年開始運作,當時 Christian Paul John 成立了 Château Tanunda 合作社,其後 John 家族的五個世代就在 Barossa 的種植葡萄、釀酒界工作,並在當地與 Château Tanunda 合作。

為紀念這個長久歷史的合作,酒莊認為應該再使用 1890 年代當時的葡萄品種釀酒,選擇以 Shiraz 作骨幹,但此酒的靈魂和背後的力量來自 Mataro 。

澳洲 Barossa



Shiraz, Mataro



Château Tanunda was established in 1890 and is the site of the very first vines planted in the Barossa in the 1840s. ‘The Chateau’ is a heritage icon, the grand buildings, magnificent gardens and vineyards are owned by the Geber family who continue the century old tradition of fine winemaking.    
The Old Cooperage  celebrates the historic relationship between Château Tanunda and  A.P. John Coopers. The John family began operating as coopers in 1889 when Christian Paul John established the Château Tanunda Cooperage. Since the five generations of the John family have worked in viticulture, winemaking, and coopering in the Barossa.
In homage to this long standing association it was also felt we should use some of the original grape varieties which would have been around in the 1890’s. A backbone of Shiraz has been chosen but the real inspiration and unique power of the blend lies with the Mataro.


Country of Origin:

Red/Rouge (Still)

Grape Varieties:
Shiraz, Mataro

Tasting Notes:
Deep purple-black the 2010 The Old Cooperage Barossa Shiraz Mataro has aromas of black plums, pepper, damp loam, olives and truffles. Full bodied and with a good amount of mid-palate fruit, it has refreshing acidity and a medium level of grainy tannins, finishing long.

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