Chateau Tanunda The Three Graces 2006


Château Tanunda 是於 1890 年創立的酒莊,也是澳洲酒業的傳統標誌。酒莊的宏偉建築、令人歎為觀止的花園和葡萄園,都由 Geber 家族擁有,並延續超過一個世紀的優質釀酒工藝。

 The Three Graces 的葡萄由在 Barossa 及 Eden Valley 的高級葡萄園,The Three Graces 就是代表世上最貴族的葡萄品種聯合起來:包括 Cabernet Sauvignon、Cabernet Franc、Merlot、Marsanne、 Viognier 和 Roussanne。葡萄酒混釀得巧奪天工,展現芳香果味,在希臘神話中,The Three Graces 就代表美麗、魅力和歡樂。

澳洲 Barossa, Eden Valley


82% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Cabernet Franc, 8% Merlot

由小盒盛載的葡萄先經過除梗 (把顆粒從樹枝分開) ,然後運到小型不鏽鋼無蓋發酵桶。加入培養酵母後即進行發酵,再以人手下壓,連皮於 26°C 浸漬 7 天。葡萄皮由 JLB Vaslin Bucher 壓搾器輕柔壓搾,每批酒在換桶前會熟成 3 個月,然後調合,再於法國橡木桶內 15 個月,留住最幼細質感和優雅,裝瓶前不經過濾。



Château Tanunda was established in 1890 and is a heritage icon of Australia’s wine industry. The grand building, its magnificent gardens and vineyards are owned by the Geber family who continue the century old tradition of fine winemaking.
The grapes for the Three Graces are selected from premium vineyards in the Barossa and Eden Valleys. "The Three Graces" represent the union of some of the world’s noblest grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot and Marsanne, Viognier and Roussanne. The wines are beautifully blended to display intensely aromatic fruit flavours. In Greek mythology ‘The Three Graces’ exemplify beauty, charm and joy. 

Barossa, Eden Valley, Australia

Country of Origin:

Grape Varieties:
82% Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Cabernet Franc, 8% Merlot

Arriving in small individual crates the grapes were destalked (separating berries from the bunch) and placed into small stainless steel open fermenters. A cultured yeast was used to start the fermentation and the tanks were hand plunged spending a total of 7 days on skins at 26°C. The skins were gently pressed in the JLB Vaslin Bucher press and the individual parcels were matured separately for three months before being racked, blended and undergoing a further 15 months in a mixture of French oak hogsheads. In order to retain maximum finesse and elegance the wine was bottled unfiltered.

Tasting Notes:
The ‘Three Graces’ is a classic Bordelais blend of three of the worlds most noble varieties. A classic lifted nose of blackcurrant cassis and cedar wood with hints of black olive, pepper, violets and tobacco. The palate is an integrated blend of flavours, svelte and seamless showing prominent blackcurrant fruit delicately interwoven with tobacco leaf, capsicum, black pepper and savoury French oak giving the wine an undeniable elegance and generous length. 

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