Clos de Trias Rouge 2009 (RP:92)



Clos de Trias 酒莊是一個全新冒險,它於 2007 年收成那幾天誕生。

葡萄酒需要平衡、優雅和新鮮,換句話說即是要容易入口,要在果味、酸度和單寧幾者之間達至完美平衡。這Clos de Trias令釀酒師感到十分幸運,此酒帶有熟李子、野黑莓和黑橄欖香氣,當年那涼快晚上為酒帶來了絲滑的單寧和酸度,它一定和地中海菜式最合襯。與其他以Grenache為主的葡萄酒相近,最適宜以攝氏17-18度享用。

此酒以傳統技術釀造,成熟程度以葡萄味道決定。葡萄於清涼的早上以人手採摘,運回酒莊後再以人手揀選。揀選桌與除梗機連接,然後葡萄便會掉進發酵缸。那裡不會有人工加入的酵母、酵素、很少甚至沒有二氧化硫,也沒有溫度控制。很自然地在酵母培養出來前,冷浸漬2至5天。浸漬時間按每個缸情況而定,可以短至9天,也可以長至50天。每天也會進行最少五次試飲,是需要極多心力的過程,然後再按結果來決定pump over、drain & return,而浸漬長短就完全取決於這些品評,換句話說,是全手工製作

南隆河 A.O.C. Ventoux


80% Grenache Noir , 10% Syrah, 8% Carignan , 2% Cinsault


香草盒、櫻桃和甘草香氣帶引到其飽滿和鮮明酒體,漂亮新鮮而且集中。味道帶有強勁果香,十分出色的味覺深度和成熟單寧,飲家應該整箱買入,然後於未來5至8年飲用。 (92分/The Wine Advocate)


Bottled June 2010, a very special wine, This wine represents both a micro-terroir and a technique. A single vineyard site that faces north climbing up to almost 500 metres of (mostly) Grenache planted in the mid-’50’s.
The total fermentation with stems was about 27 days. Racked and pressed into 700L barrels aged there for 10 months, then racked to a “normal” tank aging for another 22 and a half months before bottling.

Wine needs to be balanced, elegant, and refreshing. In other words, easy to drink. A “perfect” balance between the fruit, acid, and tannins. The wine maker was lucky enough to start this journey with a wonderful vintage. This wine represents the perfect ripening with ripe plum, wild blackberries, and black olive flavors and the cool nights with structured, silky tannins and acid. Perfect with Mediterranean dishes. Serve (as with all Grenache based wines) at 17/18 degrees C (~65 degrees F)

Old-fashion techniques are applied.  If we dared, we might say the soul is dovetailed to the wine. Ripeness is determined by flavour instead of getting the analysis done before the grapes have been picked. The grapes (from nearly 40+ parcels) are hand-picked in the morning coolness only, transported back to the winery where the grapes hand sorted.The sorting table leads to the destemmer, which is not always utilized, and after that the grapes fall directly into the fermentation tank. There they find no added yeasts, no enzymes, little or no SO2, and no temperature control. The “cold-soak” or lag is usually 2 to 5 days before the native yeasts kick in. Maceration (time on skins) depends on each individual tank and can be as little are 9 days and as many as 50. Tasting is done through fermentation tanks at least 5 times a day and make decisions on pump-overs, drain & returns, and total maceration based solely on those frequent tastings.


A.O.C. Ventoux, southern Rhone

Country of Origin:

Grape Varieties:
80% Grenache Noir , 10% Syrah, 8% Carignan , 2% Cinsault

Mostly (75%) in tank with frequent aerative rackings in the first year. 25% ages for a while in 600 and 700L barrels (the normal barrel is 225L).

Tasting Notes:
It offers spectacular notes of spice-box, kirsch and licorice that flow to a full-bodied, decadently textured red that says beautifully fresh and focused. Possessing fantastic fruit, excellent mid-palate depth and ripe tannin, it should be purchased by the case and consumed over the coming 5-8 years.” (92 Pts – The Wine Advocate)

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