Clos de Trias Pied Porcher 2007


Clos de Trias 是一個於古老大宅的全新冒險,它於 2007 年收成幾天誕生。它是集 3 年資料搜集、加上於加州共 14 年的釀酒經驗,是多元文化和熱情的結合,有由 5 個人組成的年輕家庭,幾個瘋了的投資者,加上來自釀酒師父母和家人的堅定支持。

這是一支很罕有的酒,因為所有田都是向北,所以要在十分優質的年分,葡萄皮、糖分和莖枝一同成熟,下一個年分的Pied Porcher會是2010。


100% Grenache Noir


於2010年裝瓶,這是一支非常特別的酒,因為它能反映微風土和技巧。這個單一葡萄園地域面向北, 海拔大約500米,大部分是於50年代種植的Grenache。整個與梗一同發酵過程約27天,然後換桶至700L木桶,於那裡陳年10個月,再換到普通 大缸陳年22個半月,然後裝瓶。




A new venture on an ancient homestead, Clos de Trias was born just a few days before harvest 2007. It was the culmination of a 3 year search; 14 vintages of winemaking in California; a marriage mixing cultures and passions; a young family of 5; a few of ‘crazy’ investors; the steadfast support of a winemaker’s parents and family.

This will be a rare wine for many reasons. The parcel faces north so it is only in the “best” years that the skins, sugars, and stems will ripen together. The next Pied Porcher will be 2010.

Country of Origin:

Age of Vine:
From 1955

Grape Variety:
100% Grenache Noir 

Bottled June 2010, a very special wine, This wine represents both a micro-terroir and a technique. A single vineyard site that faces north climbing up to almost 500 metres of (mostly) Grenache planted in the mid-’50’s. 

The total fermentation with stems was about 27 days. Racked and pressed into 700L barrels aged there for 10 months, then racked to a “normal” tank aging for another 22 and a half months before bottling.

Tasting Notes:
A lovely, deep and plumy nose of soft black fruit, smoked meat and spice with a touch of liquorice, coffee and smoke. Dry, low acidity, low tannins. Full bodied and mouth-filling with a lovely softness of spicy red/ blackcurrant/ berry. Lightly herbal with a concentrated port-like black cherry note. Again beautifully balanced with a good minerality. Very long with a smoky, wood spiced finish.

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