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TERRASSES DU LARZAC(拉札克梯田)是農友選出來的優秀產區,她靠近美麗的聖吉揚萊代塞爾村莊(ST-GUILHEM-LE-DESERT), 這個位於寬敞朗格多克山坡面的產區, 遲早也應該會被法定為獨一無二的產區。她擁有非常多樣化的土質,高陳年潛力的會在崎嶇山地,例如ST-JEAN-DE-LA-BLAQUIERE(聖讓德 拉-布拉基埃),另外複雜的有高地PAS DE L'ESCALETTE一帶擁有石灰土,一直延伸到LODEVE(洛代夫)以北。不能錯過的有LAC DU SALAGOU充滿紅色的火山土壤和 JONQUIERE 的冰川礫石,還有著名的冰川土壤ARIANE(阿尼亞訥)區。地質的多樣性可令風土感覺更突出,令拉札克區更精彩迷人。酒的風格和多變的土壤一樣,濃厚密 集,充滿戲劇性,絕非等閒之輩

南法 AOP Languedoc


Syrah 43%, Cinsault/Oeillade 35%, Grenache 22%

在 St Jean 的 Oeillade 是 今天 Cinsault 的先導品種,並是充滿味道,獲葡萄採摘者歡迎的品種。這酒完全反映了它的果香。現今已沒有 Oeillade 葡萄苗作耕種,所以苗圃工人只能以接枝方式讓後世的人可以種植更多。這是一個很微小的方法讓古老的農作物能代代相傳下去。






TERRASSES DU LARZAC is an outstanding production region, it is located very close to a beautiful village called ST-GUILHEM-LE-DESERT where this Languedoc hill slope region would someday be named as another AOC. There are a variety of soils, rugged hillside are lands of ageing potentials such as ST-JEAN-DE-LA-BLAQUIERE。Other plots of land with complexity are highland plateau like PAS DE L'ESCALETTE which has limestone soils stretching to north of LODEVE. Red volcanic soils of LAC DU SALAGOU, glacial gravel of JONQUIERE and the renowned glacier soil of ARIANE are not to be missed. The diversity of soil contributes to terroir image of the wines, this is the reason why LARZAC is interesting. The wines are as diversified as the soils, amazingly dramatic and unusual.

AOP Languedoc, Southern France

Country of Origin:

Grape Varieties: 
Syrah 43%, Cinsault/Oeillade 35%, Grenache 22%

Oeillade grape at St Jean is a precursor of today’s Cinsault, a luscious grape much enjoyed by grape pickers. This wine reflects all its fruitiness. There is no stock available nowadays for planting, so the nurseryman make grafts so that they can grow more in the future. It’s a small way the vineyard can ensure some part of the viticultural heritage is handed down to future generations!  Schist at an altitude between 150 and 200m on the foothills of the Larzac plateau. The grapes ripen slowly thanks to the cool nights which mean they mature with good acidity and stay incredibly fresh.  Land treated with composted lees and manure, crushed unwanted shoots. Soil ploughed, no weedkillers, thorough spur removal and hard pruned. Strictly controlled yields. 

Maturing in vat.

Tasting Notes:
Hints of black pepper, redcurrant, raspberries and violet. In the mouth it’s soft, luscious, with lots of crunchy red fruit.  There’s even a touch of liquorice and blackcurrant.

Food Pairing: 
Excellent with meats cooked in sauces such as "Cassoulet". Delicious with grilled duck & pepper sauce.

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