Clos Floridène Blanc 2016



Clos Floridène莊園位於波爾多Graves地區的Pujols sur Ciron,自1982年以來由Denis和Florence Dubourdieu逐漸開發,這要歸功於連續購買位於最佳土壤中的地塊。該莊園的名稱源自兩位創始人的名字。

從地質學的角度來看,大部分葡萄園所在的Pujols sur Ciron土壤非常像巴薩克(Barsac)。一層薄薄的紅色粘土砂,富含氧化鐵,被稱為“Barsac紅砂”,位於石灰岩床岩頂上。這將葡萄藤的根深度限制在約50厘米。在整個夏季儲存在多孔岩石中的水在冬季逐漸分配到葡萄藤中,從而防止過度的水分壓力。一小部分葡萄園(3.1公頃)種植在Illats地區的一個充滿礫石和粘土的山丘上。

波爾多 Graves Blanc A.O.C.


44 % Sémillon, 56 % Sauvignon

一次性手工採摘,如需2次選擇性採摘則選在金色葡萄最具有芳香的階段。在皮膚接觸的最終階段之後,進行緩慢的汁液提取,防止氧化過程。自然提取的汁液必須與經壓取的汁液嚴格分離,並且通過自然沈澱進行淨化。 在木桶中發酵,每季更換新木桶。




Clos Floridène vineyard, in Pujols sur Ciron, located in the Graves region, has been slowly developed since 1982 by Denis and Florence Dubourdieu, thanks to the successive purchases of plots located in the best terroirs. The name of the estate is derived from the two founders' first names.

From a geological standpoint, the soil of Pujols sur Ciron where most of the vineyard is situated is much like the one of Barsac. A thin layer of red clayey sands, rich in iron oxide, and known as "Barsac red sands", tops the limestone bed rock. This limits the roots depth of the vine to about 50cm. The water that got stored within the slightly porous rock throughout the summer is progressively dispensed to the vine during the winter, thus preventing excessive water stress. A small portion of the vineyard (3.1 hectares), on the commune of Illats, is planted on a graveled and clayey rump.

Graves Blanc A.O.C.

Country of Origin:
Bordeaux, France

Grape Varieties:
44 % Sémillon, 56 % Sauvignon

Hand-harvesting is performed in general in one time and if it's required in 2 selective pickings of golden grapes with an aromatic optimum stage. After an eventual phase of skin contact, a slow juice extraction is performed, protected from the oxidation process. Free run must is strictly separated from press must and their clarification undergoes by natural settling. Fermentation takes place in barrels renewed by quarter. 

Ageing lasts 8 months with lees regularly stirred.

Tasting Notes:
Clos Floridène Blanc has the particularities of white wines produced on great calcareous soils: green-gold color, intense aroma with fruity notes of white peach, lemon, grapefruit, toasted and grilled nuances.
Medium-bodied, the palate delivers mouth-filling zestiness with a racy line and apple-laced finish.
Powerful and fresh flavors of fruit at its best, with the density and structure of a great white wine.
Ageing potential of at least 10 years.

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