Clos la Madeleine 2009 (RP:93+) / 2010 (RP:91)



Chateau Clos La Madeleine 是一個位於聖艾美倫村外 La Magdeleine 石灰岩斜坡上的小型波爾多葡萄酒物業。當酒莊創立時,他們的聖艾美倫區酒以 La Magdeleine 的名字售賣。葡萄園本屬 Chatonnet Crépin 家族,他們在 1898 年把酒莊售予一名比利時葡萄酒商人。酒莊於 1911 年再售予 Gachassin-Lafite 家族,剛巧也是比利時葡萄酒商人。Gachassin-Lafite、Charles Pistouley 及 Jacques Cassat 於 1928 年組成了一間公司管理酒莊,之後 Charles Pistouley 獲得所有股分,他的後代則在 1992 年售出。新主人加入了來自 Magnan La Gaffeliere 和 La Tondonne 的葡萄園,也為酒莊更新了建築物和設備。

Saint Emilion Grand Cru



60% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Franc. (2009)

醒酒一小時,與 07 年分酒相若,但更加集中。帶有黑莓、磚塊、煙燻、百合和烹煮紅蘿蔔,絲滑單寧十分明顯。其發展演變十分明顯,稍作陳年也會有幫助,悠長而結構清楚,良好酸度。 (2009)

Chateau Clos La Madeleine is a small Bordeaux wine property located just outside the St. Emilion village on the La Magdeleine, limestone slopes. When the estate was first created, their St. Emilion wines were sold under the name of La Magdeleine. The vineyards were the property of the Chatonnet Crépin family who sold the estate in 1898 to a Belgian wine merchant. Clos La Madeleine was resold in 1911 to the Gachassin-Lafite family who coincidentally were also Belgian wine merchants. The Gachassin-Lafite, Charles Pistouley and Jacques Cassat formed a company to manage the estate in 1928. In time, the others sold their shares to Charles Pistouley. His heirs sold Clos La Madeleine in 1992. The new owners also obtained additional vines when they purchased the vineyards of, Magnan La Gaffeliere and La Tondonne. Extensive improvements were made at Chateau Clos La Madeleine by the new owners.

Country of Origin:
Bordeaux, France

Red/Rouge (Still)

Grape Varieties:
60% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Franc. (2009)

Tasting Notes:

Decanted for an hour. Similar to the '07, with the exception of more concentration. Suave with blackberry, brick, smoke, lilies and baked carrot. Long, with obviously silky tannins. Her development is significant, however, two more years will offer some aid. Long and structured. Fine acidity; in the pocket. Drink 2016 - 2031. (2009)

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