Clos Triguedina L'Or Du Clos 2012 500ml


Jean BALDES是以熱情和創新著稱的釀酒人,在他作為企業的掌舵人期間,莊園不僅在種植面積翻了兩倍,並且在品質上走上了細膩高端的路線。 1976年,他引進不銹鋼發酵缸,引領家族成為高品質瑪律貝克的代表之一,同時積極參與產區形象的提升工作。

Jean-Luc BALDES莊主在結束了其在布根地及波爾多Château Coutet等列級莊的釀酒師工作後,於1990年回來接管了酒莊。在他管理下,酒莊達到了一個新層次,如今酒莊擁有65公頃的種植葡萄面積,跨越3個不同海拔的梯層風土眾多系列體現風土特點的產品。經過不斷投資,Jean-Luc BALDES莊主修建了一個可容納600個法國橡木桶的地下酒窖、葡萄園器械保養站、物流廠庫及葡萄採摘篩選台。在他主導下,丹寧細膩、口感豐富成為酒莊的特點。

500ml 裝。


位於Floressas,是Cahors西部的Clos Triguedina葡萄園,也是該產區的中心,海拔高度為300m。粘土和石灰土壤。葡萄園完全面向南。

100% Chenin Blanc





Jean BALDES, a passionate wine-grower and constantly in search of worthwhile innovations, installed the first stainless steel vat for Cahors AOC wines in 1976. He doubled the area of the Triguedina estate and turned in particular towards the production of fine wines. Jean-Luc BALDES is now in charge of the estate and has taken the wines to the top level in Cahors. In 1999, he installed a modern cellar with 600 French oak barrels. As a creative winegrower, Jean-Luc BALDES has developed a wide range of wines.    

 In 96 A.D., the Roman emperor Domitian ordered France's vines to be grubbed up and cereals to be grown instead. In 280 A.D., after the order was annulled by another emperor, Probus, the vine was planted in the Quercy region once again. It was in tribute to him that Jean, the father of Jean-Luc Baldès, created the first cuvée of this top-of-the-range Appellation Cahors wine in 1976.

Package 500ml.

Country of Origin:

At Floressas, in the Clos Triguedina vineyards west of Cahors, which lie in the heart of the Appellation region at an altitude of 300m. Clay-and-limestone soil; the vines have full exposure to the south.

Grape Variety:
100% Chenin Blanc

Traditional growing methods; soil ploughed; supervised control; severe pruning; removal of unwanted new shoots; thinning out of the grape bunches and of the leaves.

Grapes picked by hand in November. Three triages - successive waves of picking, only those grapes shrivelled by the "noble rot" fungus (botrytis cinerea) being harvested each time.

Chenin is vinified at low temperature in oak casks, then aged in barrels for 18 months before the wine is bottled on the estate.

Tasting Notes:
Gold, brilliant and limpid. Aromas of crystallised fruits, crystallised quince, with mineral and other fruity notes.Lively and beautifully balanced, smooth and delicately elegant overall.With enough acidity that makes the wine not cloying. Can be drunk now but will keep for more than 20 years.

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