Alella Vinicola Marfil Generos Violeta Solera 2003 (RP:93)


有超過一百年和周邊組織合作歷史,Alella Vinícola於1906年開始了它的合作社角色。在同一年,著名建築師高第的徒弟Jeroni Martorell建築了現代感的酒窖。於二十及三十年代,Marfil開始冒升,並成為艾方素十三世皇帝喜歡享用的cava。於1998年,舊的合作社 成為了Alella Vinícola Can Jonc公司,S.L.在García Muntané的帶領下為所有釀酒過程進行現代化,用來製造酒窖350,000支Marfil和Ivori酒的葡萄都來自由Alella Vinícola操控的15公頃田地, 有的是由酒莊獨自享有的田、合作社的舊會員,加上由家人擁有的葡萄田。    




由非常成熟的 Garnacha 釀製的甜酒,再於2003年開始使用的solera木桶陳年。桑梅和丁香香氣。十分平衡配合上佳酸度。甜車厘子和果醬味道。悠長餘韻。


With a hundred years of existence under its belt, Alella Vinícola began in 1906 as an agrarian union cooperative. That same year, architect Jeroni Martorell, a disciple of Antoni Gaudí, built the Modernista-style cellar. The 1920's and 1930's saw the rise of Marfil, the flagship brand of the cooperative, a cava savoured by King Alfonso XIII.
In 1998, the old union became the company Alella Vinícola Can Jonc, S.L., which undertook the modernisation of all the processes under the leadership of the García Muntané family. The grapes for the total of 350,000 bottles the company produces, mainly for the brands Marfil and Ivori, are obtained from the 150 hectares controlled by Alella Vinícola, both from vineyards owned by individual wine producers, old members of the cooperative, as well as vineyards acquired by the family.

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Tasting Notes:
Produced from extra ripe Garnacha, aged in solera cask dates back to 2003. Mulberry and clove-scented nose. Well-balanced sweet palate with very good acidity. Sweet cherry and marmalade flavours. Long finish.

The Wine Advocate:
The 2003 Marfil Violeta Solera is a pure Garnacha made in the same way as the Molt Dolc Solera. It has a mulberry and clove-scented nose like a mild-mannered Banyuls, but is less volatile and more composed. The palate is very well-balanced with very good acidity that counterpoises the sweet cherry and marmalade flavours extremely well. This is another beautifully crafted, very feminine sweet wine from Allela Vinicola.

This sweet nectar is perfect for desserts like chocolate fondant, fudge cakes, brownie, mixed berries or raspberry tart or pie with vanilla ice cream.

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