Escoda Sanahuja Les Paradetes 2007 / 2014


以有機、生物動力方式農耕,農田可持續發展並且節省能源,完全探用綠化肥料,減少對環境污染,所以馬、牛和家禽會盡牠們所能滿足有機需求。主人及釀酒師Joan Escoda和葡萄園直接合作,以保持該處物產天然及可持續發展,他貢獻了他大部分時間使用生物動力農耕,土壤的特質也反映了在酒中。沒有使用化學肥料、殺蟲劑等,以保留酒質最原本特色。沒有使用二氧化硫,所以即使飲用份量超越某一程度時,不會令人頭痛或宿醉。



Garnacha、Mazuelo、Sumoll tinto.



「此酒的單寧衝擊而有厚度,然後是圓潤,但新鮮。我喜歡它因為夠複雜也反映了風土,有點金屬感覺,帶些少薄荷。收結時的單寧即時流走,再以花束味道結束。美味、強勁、清爽、乾脆而有氣量…」El Bulli侍酒師Ferran Centelles



    Organic, Biodynamic, Sustainable farming, The farm is highly sustainable and energy saving, the use of green manures to reduce waste that's harmful to the environment. Animal such as horses, cows and poultry running around and "doing their bit" to meet his organic compost needs' in house. Joan Escoda (The owner and winemaker) works directly on the vineyard to keep it as natural and sustainable as possible, he has devoted a significant part of time to use biodynamic farming, which tends to show some unique characteristics from the soil. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or genetically modified organisms are used. Unfined and Unfiltered to preserve the natural characteristics of the wine. Not Using sulfur dioxide (SO2) which may cause headaches, migraines and hangovers to some consumers when exceed a certain level.

      Country of Origin:

      Grape Varieties:
      Garnacha, Mazuelo, Sumoll tinto

      Only fermented from natural yeast, so no commercial yeast or any other product to speed or encourage the alcoholic fermentation. Some consumers found out that the wine's life span will last longer.

      Tasting Notes:

      It's a fresh wine with Mediterranean character; highlighted with the forest fruits aroma over integrated oaky aromas. A wine with personality and aging potential.
      "This wine meet us with a frontal and a succulent tannin, becomes round and voluminous but so fresh. I liked because show yours nasal's complexity and after that appears the terroir, a bit of metallic ...mentholated. Got a sliping tannin with an fantastic ending bouquet. Delicious, strong, clear, fast and aerial..." by Ferran Centelles (Sommelier of "El Bulli") 


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