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Conca de Barberà是一個位於西班牙東北面鮮為人知的產酒區,於Catalan的中心區域,四面被著名產酒區域包圍,在北面有Costers del Segre、南面有Tarragona、東面有Penedès而西面有Montsant。Conca在Catalan解作盆地,正好形容該處地勢,即是由Francoli及Anguera河組成的河谷,周圍就是連綿山脈。


Cabernet Franc、Carinena、Garnacha、Merlot

在Catalonia的Conca de Babera以專業技術釀製,是一支有活力、紅色、帶黑果味的酒,其後幾年相信會發展得更好。可以即時飲用以享受它的新鮮,如果由它繼續發展,則會更加細致。


Conca de Barberà is a small, little-known wine region in Catalonia, north-eastern Spain. Located right at the heart of Catalan wine country, it is surrounded on all sides by other wine regions: Costers del Segre to the north, Tarragona to the south, Penedès to the east and Montsant to the west. The word conca is Catalan for 'basin', and aptly describes the geography here. The basin in question is that formed by the combined valleys of the Francolí and Anguera rivers, above which rise various low-lying mountain ranges.

Country of Origin:

Grape Varieties:
Cabernet Franc, Carinena, Garnacha, Merlot

Tasting Notes:
Expertly vinified natural wine from Conca de Barbera in Catalonia. This is a vibrant, creamy red with fantastic dark fruit flavours which should develop nicely over the next few years. You can drink it now for freshness or wait and see what subtle nuances will develop over time.



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