Grupo Pesquera Dehesa La Granja 'Dehesa 14' Cosecha Seleccion 1998


Food Pairing 美食配搭 (Beef stew with carrots and potatos)

Dehesa la Granja- Dehesa 14

A wine of author, harvest of 1998, elaborated personally by Alexander Fernandez in his cellar Dehesa La Granja. Aged for more than 14 years in the underground cellars of the estate that fell in love, just see it, to the winery of Grupo Pesquera. A wine without equal in the four wineries of the Group for its time and the quality of the chosen fruit. "Only the best grapes have the potential and the ability to grow old for so many years, and those - those of Dehesa la Granja - fulfilled all the requirements". Alejandro Fernández.

After 14 years aging in the underground cellar, Alejandro Fernandez had finally revealed the charm of a full potential Tempranillo under the label of Dehesa La Granja Dehesa 14.  

Country of Origin:

Castilla y León

Red/Rouge (Still)

Grape Variety:

Tasting Notes:
Deep ruby colour. On the nose, lush, perfumed and sweet. Wild plum and red and dark berry aromas complemented by vanilla, bitter chocolate, espresso, dried mushroom and baking spices. Lush and creamy, with solid tannins framing deep, sweet blackberry and plum fruit. Persistently sweet finish features broad, supple tannins and hints of smoked meat and black pepper.






About Bodega Dehesa La Granja

The four bodegas that comprise Alejandro Fernández’s wine legacy, and constitute Grupo Pesquera, share a passion for winemaking that has perfected over time. The strong bond to this great winemaker’s homeland is also reflected in the group emblem: the symbolic Archway and Tower of Pesquera de Duero, the characteristic label on the mythical Tinto Pesquera wines.

As well as being tremendously impressive, the extensive wine caves, carved out of the rock during the 18th century, are the perfect place for wine and wood to court each other: silence, darkness, constant temperatures and balanced humidity. The result is Dehesa la Granja wine; noble and intense ... “that refuses to abandon our palate or our memory”.


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