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In Dreams Chardonnay 2016


位於澳洲墨爾本附近Yarra ValleyIn Dreams,由女釀酒師Nina Stocker一手創立。她的逐夢之旅,由8年前在葡萄牙的一通電話開始,讓這位美女釀酒師從歐洲出發,由珀斯走到新西蘭,在2013年,終於走到Yarra Valley, 成立了In Dreams, 與助理釀酒師,另一位美女Callie Jemmeson一起繼續追她們的夢。

至於她們的夢是甚麼?當然是釀造絕佳的葡萄酒!In Dreams希望她們的葡萄酒,能如實地表現產區的特點,有著優雅個性而不失複雜度與平衡度。正如Nina Stocker本人所言“手工酒就像一場夢,由春天開始葡萄樹仍然沉睡之時,直到收成很久之後,這場夢仍然繼續 。下一個年份就在眼前之際,陳釀酒卻仍然在瓶內不斷演變進化。彷彿在提醒我們,大自然主宰萬物,而我們只不過在夢境中。”由此可見,她們對自然的敬佩。

她們精心挑選的Pinot NoirChardonnay,來自三個產量有限,質素極高的葡萄園。這些葡萄園大部分位處於Upper Yarra Valley,當地較清涼的氣候,可以讓這些葡萄變得更為優雅細緻,更顯高貴風格。為了讓葡萄園的風格更能在成酒中表現出來,In Dreams採用傳統的釀酒技術,以小批量發酵,野生酵母及法國橡木桶,釀出最有性格的葡萄酒。

Situated in Yarra Valley near Melbourne, In Dreams was established by a female winemakers, Nina Stocker. She began their dream-chasing journey 8 years ago. It began as a conversation over the phone. From Perth to New Zealand, in 2013, she finally found her dreamland in Yarra Valley and established In Dreams. She then worked with another beautiful winemaker, Callie Jemmeson, to chase their dreams.

What is their dream? Definitely to make the best wines! In Dreams aims to make wines that are an honest reflection of the stunning region, wines with elegance, restraint, complexity and balance. Just like what Nina Stocker said “Hand crafted wines begin with a dream, from the beginning of the season when the vines lay dormant, until long after harvest, our dreams weaves on. Next vintage always lies ahead, as past vintages transform and evolve in the bottle. Reminding us that nature is the ruler and we remain but the dreamers.” It reflects the winery philosophy of respecting the nature.

They source their Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from three low yielding, premium quality vineyards. The vineyards are predominantly from the upper Yarra Valley due to the cooler micro climate that helps them capture the elegance and finesse of these noble varieties. In order to allow the vineyards to express themselves in the resulting wines using traditional winemaking techniques such as small batch fermentation, wild yeast and the delicate use of French Oak.


年絕對是Yarra Valley Chardonnay 的好年份,較清涼的夏日,及斷斷續續的熱浪,令水果成熟得來,又不失酸度。In Dreams酒莊最為重視Chardonnay的平衡度。他們精心管理的葡萄田,生產出優質葡萄,將糖度,味道與酸度都達至完美平衡。釀酒師將這些要素都融合起來,並培育出優質葡萄。透過定期攪拌以加強酒精口感。

2015 was a great vintage for Chardonnay in the Yarra Valley. The cooler summer and lack of major ongoing heat spikes allowed the fruit to achieved flavour ripeness without losing its natural acidity. In Dreams focuses on the balance of the Chardonnay. The vineyards selected are meticulously cared for, to produce quality grapes with natural balance between the main elements and nurture the fruits through the winemaking process, coaxing out texture through regular lees stirring.


Yarra Valley, Victoria


100% Chardonnay





James Halliday: 95


Country of Origin:

Yarra Valley, Victoria

White/Blanc (Still)

Grape Varieties:
100% Chardonnay

Grapes are handpicked at optimal ripeness, destemmed and cold soaked prior to fermentation. Some parcels of grapes would be wild fermented while others were inoculated with selected cultivated strains isolated. After the wine was pressed and the juice was settled for 24 hours, the wine would be racked to predominantly 2-5 year old French oak barriques with 15% going into new French Puncheons where it underwent fermentation. After 8 months it would be blended. No malolactic fermentation.

Tasting Notes:
This Chardonnay leaps from the glass with lots of citrus notes – think grilled limes, pomelo and grapefruit – with a hint of savory burnt butter sage or honey. This wine is elegant and well balanced with a lingering crunchy acidity that ties all the elements together, including a lightly toasted nut character from the French oak. The palate is fruity, textured and mouth filling, with a long cleansing finish.

Food Match:
Chicken with cream sauce, fish dishes rich in oil like salmon


James Halliday: 95 points