Jack Daniel's Black Label Old No.7 Whiskey 70cl with Glass



原產地Country of Origin:


品酒筆記Tasting Notes:

香氣Nose: 啡糖漿,葡萄乾,木香,綠葉。Brown sugar syrup, sour raisins, wood polish, resin, green leaves, hints of wood glue. 

味道Palate:甜美,輕盈圓潤,有朱古力多士的甜香,加上橙的感覺及肉桂的味道。 Sweet, with light body and mouth-feel. Dutch chocolate strands on toast, orange touches, perfumed wood, cinnamon.

收結Finish:仿如橙味朱古力,加上更多的木香及焦香。 Terry's Chocolate orange, more wood polish and some lingering char.

Category: Fine Wines, Spirits, Whisky

Type: Unknown Type

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