La Mondotte 2000 (RP:98+) / 2004 (RP:93+) / 2008 (RP:98) / 2013




在名貴的葡萄品種中,有些葡萄藤年份悠久——平均株齡為50年,其中Merlot 葡萄約佔75%,剩餘的25%為 Cabernet Franc。每一年的葡萄,尤其是 Merlot 葡萄,能夠在極為有利的條件下發育成熟。

波爾多 AOC Saint Emilion Grand Cru, Premier Grand Cru Classe



與酒渣一同於 100% 新木桶陳年18個月,沒有淨化和過濾。

在兩次品酒會中, 拉蒙特(La Mondotte)的表現直逼全年最精彩葡萄酒之一。莊主Count Stephan Von Neipperg一如以往傾盡心力在這莊, 這2000年包含 80%的梅洛 (Merlot) 和 20品麗珠 (Cabernet Franc), 擁有漂亮的深紫色, 華麗的石墨香氣焦糖,烤麵包黑莓和黑醋栗花香也在杯中逐漸浮現極緻濃郁,至少可作二十年陳年,當我以為這將是接近完全成熟但它似乎需要再待個4 - 5年瓶熟更可毫不費力地陳年20 - 30年
十分優秀的釀酒工夫,這瓶 2008 La Mondotte 是可候選成為「年度之酒」,此酒擁有結實的紫色,配以甜美桑樹、黑醋栗利口酒、黑莓、烘expresso、朱古力和多士。甜美單寧,豐腴口感,高調的性格令此酒極為驚人,有能力窖藏 20 年以上。這是一瓶難以置信的 2008,有奢華的密度和厚度。Bravo!
-Robert Parker



La Mondotte is located on the eastern part of the Saint-Emilion plateau next to Troplong-Mondot. This 4.5 hectare vineyard is an absolute gem. Its outstanding terroir (clay limestone soil with very silty clay and a rocky subsoil) has all the natural qualities to produce very great wine.Excellent hydric regulation encourages the vines to sink their roots deep into the soil. The superb sun exposure and fine natural drainage due to the steep slope make this a very early-maturing terroir. The vines are an average of 50 years old and the vineyard contains only premium grape varieties (75% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Franc). Ripening, especially of Merlot, is almost invariably early and complete.
The terroir, age of the vines, and infinite attention paid to viticulture and oenology, combine to produce truly great wine at La Mondotte.
La Mondotte is deeply-coloured, well-structured, and extraordinarily opulent. The terroir also confers unparalleled finesse. This rare wine (maximum annual production of just 11,000 bottles) is always in very great demand.

AOC Saint Emilion Grand Cru, Premier Grand Cru Classe, Bordeaux

Country of Origin:
Bordeaux, France

Grape Varieties:
80% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Franc

in wooden vats for 30 days. Extraction by pneumatic pigeage (punching down the cap)

In new oak barrels (100%) on the lees for 18 months. No fining or filtering

Tasting Notes:

In two tastings this garagiste wine performed as if it were one of the wines of the vintage. Proprietor Stefan von Neipperg continues to lavish abundant attention on La Mondotte (as he does with all his estates), and the 2000 (80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc) boasts an inky/blue/purple color in addition to gorgeous aromas of graphite, caramel, toast, blackberries, and creme de cassis. A floral component also emerges as the wine sits in the glass. Extremely dense, full-bodied, and built for another twenty years of cellaring, I thought it would be close to full maturity, but it appears to need another 4-5 years of bottle age. It should age effortlessly for 2-3 decades.
A brilliant effort, the 2008 La Mondotte is a candidate for “wine of the vintage.” The wine boasts an opaque purple color along with sweet aromas of mulberries, creme de cassis, blackberries, espresso roast, chocolate and toast. Sweet tannin, an opulent mouthfeel and a flamboyant personality make for a prodigious/compelling wine that can be drunk now or cellared for two decades or more. This is an unbelievable 2008 of extravagant intensity and richness. Bravo! 
-Robert Parker


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