L'Aventure Optimus 2006 (RP:91)


Stephan Asseo 是 L'Aventure 的擁有者及釀酒師,他完成於布爾岡 L'Ecole Oenologique de Macon 的學業,於 1982 年開始釀酒,同年他於波爾多創立了 Domaine de Courteillac。他和家人於 Cotes de Castillion 購入了 Chateau Fleur Cardinal 和 Chateau Robin,其後 15 年他成為一位工匠級數釀酒師,但他的真正願望是釀製在 AOC 法例以外更有趣的酒。於 1996 年他開始尋找他理想的風土,為達成他的理想釀酒師美夢鋪路。

在世界各地找尋了超過一年,由南非至黎巴嫩,由阿根廷到納柏,他找到了 Paso Robles。他即時愛上位於 Paso Robles 西面這片獨一無二的風土。Santa Lucia 山脈延綿的地勢,深沉的鈣質土壤,加上受到海洋氣候影響的 Templeton Gap,成就製作世界級葡萄酒之地。而 Stephan 就在這裡開始他的冒險,L'Aventure。

美國加州 Paso Robles


50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Syrah, 5% Petit Verdot

它展現了北隆河的豐富,但是頂級波爾多的結構。比 2005 年,這是更優雅但不低調,在香氣和味道均帶有朱古力、咖啡、黑莓和焦油,但隨後酒變得收斂,顯示大量的結構,肌肉和單寧這個2006年顯然需要幾年的瓶內陳年,令它更圓滑

Stephan Asseo, owner and winemaker at L'Aventure Winery, began making wine in 1982, following his education at L'Ecole Oenologique de Macon, Burgundy, France. In that same year, Stephan established Domaine de Courteillac in Bordeaux. He and his family later purchased Chateau Fleur Cardinal and Chateau Robin in the Cotes de Castillion, Bordeaux. Over the next 15 years, Stephan developed into an artisan winemaker of fastidious craftsmanship and gained a reputation as a maverick vigneron. However, his true desire was to be more innovative than AOC law would allow. In 1996, this led him on a quest for a great terroir, where he could pursue his ideal as a winemaker.

After searching for over a year among the world's great wine fields, ranging from South Africa to Lebanon, Argentina to Napa, Stephan found Paso Robles. Stephan immediately "fell in love" with the unique terroir of west side Paso Robles. The rolling topography of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range, the deep calcareous soils, and the maritime influences of the renowned Templeton Gap all combine to produce a world class wine country, with the potential to craft some of the world's greatest blends. It is here, in Paso Robles, that Stephan began his adventure, "L'Aventure".

Paso Robles, California, USA

Country of Origin:
United States

Grape Varieties:
50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Syrah, 5% Petit Verdot

Tasting Notes:
It reveals the exuberance of a northern Rhone, but the structure of a top Bordeaux. It is more elegant, but less understated and concentrated than the 2005. Notes of chocolate, coffee, blackberries, and tar are present in both the aromatics and attack, but then the wine closes down, displaying plenty of structure, muscle, and tannin. This 2006 clearly needs several years of bottle age to round into shape.

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