Madeloc Banyuls Hors d'Age Solera (by Pierre Gaillard)


Banyuls 就是 vins doux naturels,即是加烈甜酒,類似他們的Muscats,也近似於 Rousillon 其他地區出產的 Rivelsaltes。這些美味的甜酒就是他們 產品系列中的珍品,採用生於頁岩上的梯田,那裡被Banyuls 和 Collioure 兩個小港口的地中海海岸線環繞。Pierre Gaillard 常被 Banyuls 郊外的崎嶇美態吸引,也意識到那裡甚有潛力的風土。

於2002年,他購入了 Pagès 舊村落,再和Banyuls一個有15公頃面積的葡萄園擁有者 Jean Baills 及他兒子 Mathieu 合夥。Baills 對風土的知識配合 Gaillard 的釀酒天賦,加上設備齊全的釀酒廠,為葡萄園和葡萄酒添上新生命。

500ml 裝。


甜酒 (Solera)

90 % Grenache Noir, 10 % Grenache Gris

此酒的釀造方法與其他 Banyuls 一樣,但陳年方法不同。Solera 方法就是使用一層疊一層的木桶,每一層代表一個年份的酒,並涵括最多10年。即將裝瓶的酒會由最底層木桶(即最舊)抽取,每桶最多抽取30%。抽出了的空位由上一層的酒補上,如此類推。

Domaine Pagès 擁有由1921 使用至 1962 年的 Solera 系統,該年後的酒便在大木桶內混釀,此混釀版本就是 Solera of Domaine Madeloc 的基酒。Hors d'Age (Beyond Aged) 換言之就是代表這集合了超過四十年Solera混釀的精華, 是酒莊最具代表性的作品。

合桃、提子乾香氣,帶朱古力的味道。收結有久久不散,且不斷演化的香氣如朱古力、咖啡、烘烤焦糖和森林土質。在 2003 年,此 Solera 獲得推奬來成為此酒的基本。此酒是十分好的餐後酒,和雪茄非常合拍。

For the uninitiated, Banyuls are vins doux naturels, fortified sweet wines, akin to their own Muscats and similar to, but a step above, the Rivesaltes produced in the rest of Roussillon. These delicious sweet wines, some of the best kept secrets in the portfolio, hail from parcels on the spectacular schist terraces that hug the coastline as it twists around the Mediterranean between the little ports of Banyuls and Collioure. Pierre Gaillard had always been fascinated by the rugged beauty of the Banyuls countryside as by the huge potential of the terroir.

In 2002, he purchased the old estate of Pagès and went into partnership with Jean Baills and his son Mathieu, owners of a 15ha vineyard in Banyuls. The combination of Baills’ knowledge of the terroir and Gaillard’s talents as a winemaker, as well as a well-equipped cellar has resulted in a rejuvenation of both the vineyards and the wines.

Package: 500 ml

Country of Origin:

Dessert Wine (Solera)

Grape Varieties:
90 % Grenache Noir, 10 % Grenache Gris


The winemaking techniques are similar to those of Banyuls but the maturing techniques are different. The Solera method entails the use of rows of barrels stacked one upon the other. Each row represents a vintage and can include up to 10 years. The wine to be bottled is taken
from the bottom row (the oldest), on the floor, with a percentage limited to 30% from each barrel. The empted wine is replaced with wine from the row above and so on...
Domaine Pagès had a Solera that began in 1921 and which continued through to 1962. After this date the wines were blended in a big cask. This blend is used today as the base wine for the Solera of Domaine
Madeloc. Hors D'Age means 'beyond aged', thus it implied this bottle contributed by every best part of 40+ years which means it contained the hard work of few generations of their family. 

Tasting Notes:
A nose exhaling walnuts, sultana aromas and chocolate on the palate. The finish is underscored by a never-ending finish with constantly evolving aromas such as chocolate, coffee grounds, roasted caramel
and forest undergrowth. In 2003, the Solera was again privileged at the Domaine and provides the basis for this vintage. Perfect at the end of a meal, goes very well with a cigar.

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