Pierre Gaillard Saint Joseph "Clos de Cuminaille" 2012 (RP:90)


關於Pierre Gaillard

自12歲起,他就在居所附近的田野騎馬翻土。他在 Beaume 修葡萄種植和葡萄酒釀造學,畢業後再於 Montepellier 獲得釀造文憑。他是個 Cote Rotie 高級村落的葡萄田管理者。1981年,他購入了在 Malleval 的 Clos de Cuminailles,1987年,他在中世紀城鎮 Malleval 的上城區開設了自己的生意。於2002 年,他於 Banyuls-sur-Mer 創立了自己的村落Madelo。他於2007,他在Faugères創立了Cottebrune。

北隆河 AOP Saint Joseph


Chavanay (Loire)


100% Syrah

有高度而向東的花崗岩土壤。Clos de Cuminaille的第一處斜坡在1981年清除,細致而以沙為主的土壤,提供上佳的排水,所以讓 Syrah 能徹底發揮其性格,所以酒莊以一瓶酒來展示對此風土的尊重。


35 hl/ha


於來自 Allier和Nevers的高級木桶陳年18個月,有40%是新木桶,每4個月加氧。有木桶陳年18至20個月,讓香氣盡情表達風土。這邊山坡面向東面,同時也受北面和南面的影響。這狀況能讓出產的葡萄酒擁有上佳的陳年潛力,也有足夠的新鮮度。

Pierre Gaillard的酒全部擁有經典、新鮮和集中的感覺,想找強勁質感和果味的,也許要往別處找。



About Pierre Gaillard

When he was 12 years old, he was caught plowing a nearby parcel with a horse. He studied Viticulture and Enology in Beaune, and obtained a Graduate Diploma in Winemaking from Montpellier. Vineyard Manager for a highly-regarded estate in Côte-Rôtie. In 1981, he bought his first parcel of land, Clos de Cuminailles in Malleval. In 1987, he established his business in the upper part of the medieval town of Malleval. In 2002, he created the estate of Madeloc in Banyuls-sur-Mer. In 2007, he created the estate of Cottebrune in Faugères.

AOP Saint Joseph, northern Rhone

Country of Origin:

Chavanay (Loire)

Red/Rouge (Still)

Grape Variety:
100% Syrah

Altered granite facing east. The first hillside of Clos de Cuminaille was cleared and planted in 1981. With its fine granite sandy slopes offering good drainage,this estate currently offers an exceptional environment allowing the Syrah grape variety to fully express itself. As a result we have decided to pay tribute to this terroir by creating a single wine.

35 hl/ha

Hand picked harvest, sorting of the most healthy and well-ripened grapes.Total destemming. Cold maceration before fermentation, alcoholic fermentation at 35°C.Maceration at 30°C after fermentation.Malolactic fermentation in barrels.The fermenting must is cap-punched three times a day and pumped over at least once a day. These techniques ensure the good extraction of tannins and aromatic substances. The malolactic fermentation is carried out in oak barrels. As a result the wine is rich and concentrated.

18 months in fine oak from Allier and Nevers. Barrels: 40 % new oak with oxygenation every 4 months.The expression of the terroir is guaranteed by the oak ageing which allows the aromas to expressive themselves for 18 to 20 months.The slopes of this hillside face east and are at once under the influence of the north and the south. This situation has produced a wine with great ageing potential, but also very good freshness. 

Tasting Notes:

Fresh and strong. Made from the granite slopes of an ancient winemaking estate dating back to the Roman era. 

The Wine Advocate:

With outstanding potential, the 2012 Saint Joseph Clos de Cuminaille, which spent 16-18 months in 30% new oak, offers mineral-laced notes of crunchy black fruit, pepper and hints of flowers. Medium-bodied, with bright acidity and good texture, it will be better with short term cellaring and drink nicely for around a decade. Drink: 2013-2023

This was a large lineup by producer Pierre Gaillard. The wines all have a classic, fresh and focused feel, and certainly, those looking for big textures and loads of fruit should look elsewhere.

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