Ronco Calino Brut DOCG Rosé Radijan (RP:91)



一切始於1996年當來自Bergamo的工業家Paolo Radici在附近的山野尋找一個寧靜地方休息,當時他在他的家族生意Radici Partecipazioni仍擔當重要角色,然後他在沒有期望下在Franciacorta遇上了機會。

由Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli擁有,位於Erbuscothe路邊老村莊求售,Arturo是1900年代來自Brescia的著名鋼琴家。建築物位於山丘上,俯視山下獨特的葡萄田,面積十公頃。眼前似曾相識的畫面重燃他的兒時夢想,就是由一個熱愛飲酒的鑑賞家,轉化為懂釀酒的生產者。




香檳區和布根地區無性繁殖100% Pinot Noir


由三款不同的Pinot Noir基酒混製




It all started in 1996 when Paolo Radician indutrialist from Bergamo, was seeking a quiet retreat somewhere in the nearby hillside while still playing a key role in the family business, Radici Partecipazioni, that he came across an unexpected opportunity in Franciacorta.

Just down the road from Erbuscothe old estate belonging to Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli was up for sale. The latter, a pianist from Brescia, considered one of the finest musical talents of the 1900’s.The building is situated on a hillock overlooking a morainic landscape: and here it was, the vineyard kingdom, ten hectares, a unique cru. A coaxing image that rekindles his boyhood dream: to make wine and grow from being a fervent connoisseur to an actual wine producer.

Not too far away from the house the work started on the cellar, traditionally styled and in total keeping with the surroundings. The spacious basement rooms allow for vinification and fermentation with the best possible technological support while upstairs cozy wine tasting rooms were constructed.

The type of soil in the vineyard, poor yet variegated; it faces north-west thus delaying the ripening of the grapes so that the harvest is in a cooler period of the year. No compromises regarding yield per hectare, as the maximum limit is fixed at 55 quintals of grapes.

Country of Origin:

Grape Varieties:
Pinot noir 100% from Champagne and Burgundy clones.

Harvestby hand in boxes with manual selection of bunches before pressing. It starts between the last week of August and the first week of September. Soft pressing of whole grapes after brief maceration in presses and initial fermentation inthermo-conditioned stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 17-19C. A small percentage ferments in French oak barrels.

Blend of three Pinot Noir base wines.

Refermentation in the bottle:
Obtained with Franciacorta method in the company’s underground cellars.Maturation for at least twenty-four months on yeasts lees before disgorging.

Tasting Notes:
Salmon pink with orange shade typical varieties. Continuous and very fine and persistent foam. On nose, small red and black berries (raspberry, blueberry and bilberry, currant, wild and sour black cherry), red apple and unripe elder flowers, with light spicy and citrus notes, orange peel candy and wild rose jam in particular and with a slight almond and walnut aroma. Very good and fine structured with perfect acidity balance, supple and persistent with a pleasant mineral taste. After-taste which intensifies a red fruit hint, of red apple and a pleasant vanilla and almond hint.

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