Veuve Clicquot Brut NV Champagne (with box / without box)



Veuve Clicquot 是由 Philippe Clicquot-Muiron 創立於1772年的知名法國香檳品牌,總部設在蘭斯。Veuve Clicquot 香檳是全球最暢銷的香檳之一,它成功地建立了香檳是由歐洲當時中產及貴族飲用的形象。於 1811 年,此品牌香檳被喻為推出了第一瓶現代香檳,因為品牌讓香檳製作方法更先進,更成為轉樽技術的先鋒。

此香檳葡萄來自 50 - 60 塊田或生產區域。50 至 55% Pinot Noir 確保香檳的典型結構。15 至 20% Pinot Meunier 令混釀更圓潤。28 至 33% Chardonnay 提供優雅和複雜度,令香檳更平衡。另外,高比例的藏酒也是延續品牌風格的重要一環。

法國 Champagne


Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier


Veuve Clicquot is based in Reims, specializing in premium products. Founded in 1772 by Philippe Clicquot-Muiron, Veuve Clicquot played an important role in establishing champagne as a favoured drink of haute bourgeoisie and nobility throughout Europe. The 1811 comet vintage of Veuve Clicquot is theorized to have been the first truly "modern" Champagne due to the advancements in the méthode champenoise which Veuve Clicquot pioneered through the technique of remuage.

Grapes from 50 - 60 different crus, or growing area, are used to produce Veuve Cliquot Brut Yellow Label Champagne.

50 to 55% Pinot Noir ensures the structure so typical of the House wines.

15 to 20% Pinot Meunier rounds out the blend.

28 to 33% Chardonnay provides the elegance and sophistication essential to a perfectly balanced wine.

A high proportion of priceless reserve wines (between 25% to 40%) ensures the continuity of the House style.

Champagne, France

Country of Origin:

Grape Varieties:
Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier

Tasting Notes:
Clear, bright with tiny, plentiful and persistent bubbles. Gorgeous yeasty aromas of fresh bread and vanilla. A full bodied, rich, deep champagne with ripe apple flavours. A long creamy finish.


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