Ximenez-Spinola PX Solera 1918


Ximenez-Spinola 是在西班牙唯一,也是全世界唯一專門以 Pedro Ximenez (PX) 葡萄釀酒的酒莊。

自 1729 年,這個葡萄種植的家族,已通過了釀造成功甜酒的三大要求:時間、耐性和自我批判,而最重要的自我批判精神,是身為釀酒師可以把一升又一升的酒丟掉的重要原因。

西班牙 Jerez de la Frontera


Pedro Ximenez




Ximenez-Spinola is the only cellar in Spain and in the world specialises in grapes from the variety 'Pedro Ximenez'.

Since 1729, this viticultures family had cleared three ingredients to make their sweet wines. They are 'time, patience and self-criticism'. Being the most important one the self criticism spirit which makes an oenologist capable to waste litres and litres of wine when he is not satisfied.

Thanks to this selective process, this company began to distil the wines that did not get the highest standard of quality and Ximenez-Spinola started its double identity as a producer of wines and spirits. Since then, that philosphy has been passed from generation to generation to lead on Jose Antonio Zarzana, follower of a modest company in quantity but big in quality.

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

Country of Origin:

Grape Variety:
Pedro Ximenez

Hand harvested. Stored in 10kg cases to prevent deterioration, The grapes must spend 231 days to expose to the sun, which dehydrates then slowly and gradually, concentrating the wine fructose characteristics of the strain.

Aged at least 15 years in America oak casks.

Tasting Notes:
Intense and clean mahogany colour, hints of iodine. In the glass, the legs reveal high level of fructose and natural glyceric content. On nose, round and intense raisin, notes of high roast coffee and dark chocolate. Smooth texture, dried raisin finish with hints of dried figs.

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