Ximenez-Spinola PX Cosecha 2018 (500ml)


Ximenez-Spinola 是在西班牙唯一,也是全世界唯一專門以 Pedro Ximenez 葡萄釀酒的酒莊。

在採收和壓榨中吸收乾淨成熟的水果香氣精華。隨著葡萄酒的陳釀,這些香氣通常會被取代成高複雜度、較低香氣和較少果味。但在此酒,保留了一切Pedro Ximénez甜酒隨陳年及橡木桶的影響而失去的元素。

西班牙 Jerez de la Frontera



100% Pedro Ximénez



7ºC - 12ºC


Ximenez-Spinola is the only cellar in Spain and in the world specialises in grapes from the variety 'Pedro Ximenez'.

“Fruit essence with a French Oak soul...”
During the harvest we breathe in clean and ripe fruit essences in our winepress. Normally, as the wine ages and oxidizes, these aromas give way to others of greater complexity and less olfactory and gustatory fruitiness. But in this wine we have preserved everything that a sweet Pedro Ximénez would have lost with the passage of time and the excessive contribution of Oak.

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

Country of Origin:

Dessert Wine

Grape Variety:
100% Pedro Ximénez

During the harvest, the grapes are cut by hand and left carefully lying on the ground on food mats, not in the open field but in the “camadas” (streets between the vines), so that during the hours of shade, the skin can accumulate tartaric acidity. Exposure to the sun slowly and gradually dehydrates each grape, evaporating water and concentrating natural fructose.
Only 300 kilos of raisins are obtained for each ton of fresh grapes, but then the grapes have to be transported back to the winery in boxes, which is equivalent to the work of a double harvest. Once the grapes arrive at the winery, they are pressed and only 200 litres of must are obtained for each ton of fresh grapes, which ends up giving this wine an extremely low final yield, typical of the sweet wines of this House.

The great difference in the elaboration of this wine is taking the fermentation to 13% of alcohol in French oak barrels with the cap open and slowing down the alcoholic conversion process by covering the barrel without leaving an air chamber, which means that all the wine retains the same residual glucose, and at the same time this hermetic closure favours the preservation of aromas and fruit flavours without the possibility of oxidation.

Ideal serving temperature:
7ºC - 12ºC

Tasting Notes:
VISUAL: Intense, clean and bright gold, not rusty or cloudy and maintaining the tones of a natural grape juice. There are no edges or noticeable differences in the tonality of the glass from the different angles of observation of the catavinos. It does have a glyceric tear typical of its natural fermentation.
NOSE: In a still glass, the aromas of fleshy fruit stand out: peach, apricot and ripe plum but not raisined yet. When the glass is rotated, the pear and the green apple are awakened, with no more than a slight hint of bitter almond given by the French oak wood, which balances the exuberant profusion of its fruity manifestation.
TASTE: Truly balanced from start to finish, with no alcohol perception of any kind and almost tasting the different nuances of the fruit that are enhanced in the back of the palate, which is completely clean thanks to the remarkable acidity achieved with the partial soleo in the “litters”. The aftertaste is long, delicious, not heavy, but extremely pleasant and fruity.

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