Aoto Shuzo 青砥酒造


Mr and Mrs Hideki Aoto



Mr Hideki Aoto is the 5th generation of this brewery located in Shimane prefecture. After finishing his studies in Tokyo, he stepped into the entertainment industry where he mainly modelled for various magazines and commercials. Unfortunately he struggled to make a living through modelling exclusively and he had to work for a bar. Because of this, he had a lot of occasions when he needed to deal with Japanese sake and his interest gradually grew towards this traditional alcoholic beverage, and he wish he could make his own sake sooner or later.

In fact, Mr Hideki Aoto grew up in Aoto Brewery but he knew nothing about sake making, to make his own sake, nothing better than going back to his origin and learn sake from scratch. 'Aoto Shichisei' is a brand which is created by Mr Hideki Aoto. When he put water and koji mold into the fermentation tank, the mash surface resembles a picture like stars glittering in the galaxy, this inspired him with the name of the new collection.