Calmel & Joseph - Languedoc-Roussillon, France

Calmel Joseph

Jérôme Joseph

畢業於瑞士洛桑酒店管理學院,有著豐富的海外就職經歷,於1995年回到其出生地,法國Languedoc Rousillon,並於同年創建了Calmel & Joseph酒莊。
非常熱衷於美食藝術,卻對葡萄酒領域無太大研究。葡萄酒領域是個神秘,有著極其深厚傳統以農業為基礎的行業。在與葡萄種植與釀造從業者的接觸中,他憑一腔熱誠,自學成才,自然少了許多約定俗成的禁錮。葡萄酒成為了他職業發展的一條主線索。也正是因為他豐富的海外個人經歷,他的商貿活動也主要是針對海 外市場。
作為育種者和品鑒者,他總是希望能夠更多地參與到葡萄酒的釀造工作中去。2007年與Laurent Calmel的相遇,使其願望得以實現。現在公司所銷售的酒款均由他們兩人共同釀造。對他來說,能夠在世界上風土條件最為多樣的,佔地面積最廣的葡萄酒產地來釀酒,每天都是愉快的挑戰。

Following graduate studies in hospitality management (at the Lausanne Hotel School) and various posts abroad, Jérôme Joseph embarked on his great wine adventure in 1995 following his return to his native region, the Languedoc Roussillon.
A lover of the culinary arts but a stranger to the world of wine, he joined the reserved, rural and traditional wine community as a self-taught man, without any preconceived ideas. Although still somewhat of a mystery to him, wine has always had the focus of Jérôme’s attention and it is wine which has driven the growth of his business, mainly focused on overseas markets.
As a wine selector and a wine aficionado, he had always harbored the desire to become more closely involved in winemaking itself. This ambition would be fulfilled in 2007 when he met Laurent Calmel with whom he has since made all the company’s wines. For Jérôme, it is a constant joy to work on producing the very best expressions in wines from the most complex of regions.

Laurent Calmel

年,Laurent與Jerome相識,並於同年加入了Calmel & Joseph酒莊,與Jerome共同釀造與銷售以Calmel & Joseph命名的同名葡萄酒款。兩人的共同挑戰是,從各個優質風土以及葡萄片田中,將精心挑選的葡萄,以最接近自然的方式釀造成美味葡萄佳釀。

After studying viticulture and oenology, Laurent Calmel cut his teeth in the Languedoc, Provence and the Rhone Valley. A desire to explore all aspects of winemaking took him to the United States, then Moldova, Chile and Australia. Enriched by these experiences, he returned to the Languedoc and Spain in 2003 to make wine, resulting in many wine domaines being recognised by various prestigious wine guides. In 2007, Laurent joined the 15 year- old JJoseph trading company specializing in Languedoc Roussillon wines from private wineries. Jérôme Joseph and Laurent Calmel then set themselves the new challenge of producing a range of wines as naturally as possible and based on a rigorous selection of vineyards in the Languedoc Roussillon terroirs.