Nimu Sangria - Barcelona, Spain




三款產品:黑色樽身傳統型Sangria,口感較輕盈的Tinto de Verano,同清新爽甜的Sangria Blanca,用料上乘,分別以優質Tempranillo紅酒,Arien白酒,純天然材,用上符合現代人口味的配方,加上設計時尚的樽身,令飲家輕鬆體會來自西班牙的傳統夏日感覺!

Drinkers travelling to Spain must have been deeply impressed with typical Spanish summer drinks. In the recipe of sangria, citrus fruits are soaked in red wine with sweet spices like honey and cane sugar, creating the refreshing taste of summer. Garnished with two slices of lemon, you will find yourself under the sun of
the Mediterranean sea.

To enjoy Sangria, you don’t have to go to Spain, nor make by yourself. In 2014, perhaps inspired by the burning sunshine in summer, the Barcelonian gourmet products companies, Nimu, began a project to start a new era in premium drinks. They gave a new image to the classic and iconic Spanish drinks, Sangria.

The three selection in the series are: Traditional Sangria in Black and dotted bottle, refreshing Tinto de Verano with light taste, and Sangria Blanca with refreshing taste. Nimu only select quality ingredients to make the best drinks for you. They select quality Tempranillo red wine and Arien white wine, as well as natural ingredients, with recipe catering for the taste of modern people. Altogether with the fashionable design of the bottle, the drinkers can taste the sweetness of traditional Spanish summer!